With the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) welcoming 25,000 attendees to Madrid this December, we have mapped the top 94 key influencers attending who are making the most impact.

This conference is our last, best chance to come together as one global body to handle the climate crisis. The decisions that are made during COP25 matter to everyone who calls themselves a citizen of earth.

COP25 is also bringing together the parties previously involved in the Kyoto Protocol and the more recent Paris Agreement, and, for the first time, will have discussions on ocean and marine protection as a top agenda priority.

Thank you to Gonzalo Muñoz (High Level Climate Champion for COP25), Carolina Schmidt (President-designate for COP25), and all the other leaders at COP25 for the work that you are doing to save our planet.

inforaphics data chart

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