The New Influence Playbook

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ESG playbook for & by ESG leaders, sustainability professionals, chief sustainability officers & strategy heads |

External engagement is poised for the great reset
60% of CEOs’ rank better stakeholder engagement as a top 3 priority. Yet only 7% frequently align their organizations and the stakeholders interests. – McKinsey & Co., May 20, 2020, Survey.
Expect ESGs and SDGs commitments to shape the post-Covid reputational agenda.
Business as usual is no longer good enough.

New ways of thinking are critical as an expanding threat radar and greateraccountability to leadership for data driven results meets increased budgetpressures and work from home realities.
Professionals must skill up.
High performing organisations are 5x more likely to use technology and metrics.

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With special thanks to these Expert Contributors:

Miro Smriga: Global Reg. Affairs – Ajinomoto, CEO – ICAAS
Rodrigo Navarro:
Presidente da ABRAMAT, Professor Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) Brazil
Philip Brinkman:
Mega Projects – ex-ExxonMobilPeter O'Kane: Chairman – Strategy International
Ellora-Julie Parekh:
Director of ESG and Regulatory Strategy Practice - McKinsey & Company
Paul Barrett:
Global Head of Ext. Communications – ex-Novartis
Stephen Crisp:
Dir. International Govt. Relations – Pearson
Elizabeth Hernandez:
Head of External Affairs and Sustainability, Asia Pacific – Corteva Agriscience.