Alex is a member of the ProServices team at TSC. He is known for his accuracy and diligence in the team. His engineering background has helped him analyzing complex issues and content with dexterity, and come up with beautiful intelligent solution.

In his words:

I remote work with TSC. Have been working with them more than a year now. Previously, for several years, I had been a teacher in Mathematics and Science in Zimbabwe, but decided to seek a new and challenging opportunity with TSC. In my opinion, TSC is the perfect organisation for me; I enjoy and am motivated by working with colleagues that are hard-working, committed and have a real enthusiasm for their work.

Why I decided to work for TSC?

I was particularly enthralled by how the company was established by the CEO & Founder, Terence Lyons. Having listened to how the company developed and has grown, I knew that this was a company I wished to join – a winning team with outstanding potential!

What I like about TSC

  1. TSC appreciates and rewards hard work and I am committed to my work. Even when there was severe disruption to the Internet in Zimbabwe, I did not allow this to deter me from continuing with my projects, nor to hinder my deadlines. I travelled, 300 miles by car, to Botswana and continued with my work.
  2. TSC colleagues are friendly, understanding, focused and committed to the vision of the company.
  3. I am encouraged by the proactive supervision of the Project Managers (PMs). It is a pleasure to work with managers that respect deadlines and value my work. TSC ensure that our time is utilised so that we can produce maximum results in a timely manner.
  4. I have built and am building collaborative relationships with clients from across the globe. I am familiar with different cultures and worldviews and learning new and exciting things each day!
  5. TSC has given me the opportunity to grow as a person, both professionally and personally. It is a pleasure working on a variety of projects from across the globe and I enjoy the challenge and the diversity of my work – which ranges from Oil& Gas, Hydrogen to issues around the obesity debate – monitoring, capturing and seeing it all evolve into real policy frameworks for large corporations.